Saturday 6/29 – Summer fun!

June has for the most part been a great month for Judah. He has hit a growth spurt the last few weeks, and every day looks more and more like a little boy, and not just a baby. On monday Judah will be 42 weeks old, which is how long mommy was pregnant with him, so he will officially be out longer than he was in. Our little J has gotten to do a lot more travelling this month, with trips downtown to the Arts Festival, going to the Library and Museum, and last weekend he had a major event, and a huge trip to Temple for the first time to officially be welcomed into the community and receive his Jewish name. Continue reading

1st Birthday Bash! – Save the date

First Birthday Bash!

Hey everyone, Judah here – just wanted to let you know about this awesome party i’m having for my 1st birthday coming up in September. It’s going to be going down on Saturday, September 28th, 2013 at the Children’s Home of Pittsburgh, a wonderful place I spent a while at and really love. Please join us if you can. More details will be coming soon. Continue reading