3/13/16 – So Close!

So Judah is STILL sedated (ish). Tomorrow morning at 11:30, the surgeons will examine his reconstruction and size down his breathing tube if everything looks as it should. Then, if all is going well, the breathing tube will come out on Tuesday and hopefully we can say goodbye to all the crazy meds and see how he does with no trach at all! I’m hoping things get very loud this week.

I say sedated(ish) because Judah is our little warrior and still fighting like a champion! He’s obviously feeling better beneath all the sedation – he will open his eyes and try to talk. He gets excited to see mommy and especially daddy. He’s even used sign language to tell the respiratory therapists to leave, ask to go home and he even told me he loves me today. And yes, he’s still throwing his blankets off. Judah laughs off those doses of morphine.

This will be a big week – perhaps the biggest, as we will really see how he does breathing naturally without the vent. Although this weekend saw some big steps forward as he got some food in his belly, and he finally pooped. I literally did a happy dance when he pooped. Oh, ICU, what a strange place to live.

We’re almost there – to finally see our little boy up and awake again, and to experience a trach-free life really for the first time. I’m anxious and excited and so proud of how tough my little monkey is. The next update will come on Tuesday, when the tube comes out!!!!

Thank you for the prayers and healing energy – it truly works!!!!

Much love and many thanks,

(Mama Bear)


13 thoughts on “3/13/16 – So Close!

  1. This is the most *wonderful* news!!!! So full of gratitude!!!! Aw, that is so incredible that Judah has been signing to all of you (haha, and to the nurses to tell them to ‘go away’ 😉 ). This is such a blessing!!!

    With a heart full of love for all of you!!

  2. Dear J-N-J, you are exceptional trio. We wish all of you greatest luck as possible. Our warrior – Judah is so wonderful and strong willed. He is fighting for his freedom. We hope it all will help him to win war for speedy recovery. Our prayers and wishes, and thoughts with all of you.
    You all are heroes. God bless you. Love you all.

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